h&m’s official launch date, plus more spring news

We are overexcited, today we got word that H&M’s first South African flagship store, which is going to be two floors of heaven at the V&A Waterfront, is officially opening on 17 October from 10am-12pm, with exclusive shopping offers. And on 18 October its doors will be open till 11pm and then every day thereafter from 9am-9pm. We can’t hardly wait!


Another lovely thing happened today… we saw the announcement from Jane Sews, one of our favourite local designers, that they’ll be releasing a range of shoes for little girls. Eeep!




— Liza


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The SA Beauty Blog Awards

We were very honoured to be shortlisted for the Reader’s Choice category at the inaugural 2015 SA Beauty Blog Awards, held last weekend in Rivonia.

We sadly couldn’t make the ceremony, but not wanting to miss out we enlisted the help of Ruth Tanser – our longtime friend and mama of three small boys, including (brand new) twin babies! We actually couldn’t believe it when she said yes. Here’s us thinking that having given birth to twins two months previously she wouldn’t be up for trekking across Joburg on a rainy night, but not so. She was super keen for a fun night out on the town. So much respect!

Thanks for being such a glam representative Ruth (aka) Supermama.

Check out her version of the event below:


On a stormy Joburg evening I set off for the SA Beauty Blog Awards at the very glamorous Movida Night Club in Rivonia. I took along another new mommy that I had met in the Neonatal ICU as I reckoned we both needed some fun and a night out on the town (daddies on babysitting duty)!

We were very excited as I Heart Your Outfit had been shortlisted for the ‘Readers Choice Award’ and we’d been asked by Liza and Emily to represent them!

Our night began with a walk down the red carpet where we were handed our VIP nametags, ushered into the beautifully decorated venue and welcomed with a glass of bubbly and delicious nibbles.

The evening started with a very moving talk by a representative from the cancer charity Look Good…Feel Better. Not only will all the proceeds from the awards be donated to them, but the awards will also help to raise awareness for this wonderful charity.

Then came time for the main event – the awards ceremony! The excitement in the room was palpable. It was wonderful to see how supportive the bloggers were of each other and everyone cheered wildly as the respective winners were announced! The very beautiful Liezel from 9 Lives took home three of the awards including ‘Best Overall blog’, but sadly (for us) I Heart lost out to Jo’burgs Darling in The Readers Choice Category.

After the awards had wrapped up we toasted ourselves, took a few more selfies (first time using a selfie stick) and chatted to the lovely Kirsten from Easihair pro – oh to have locks like that! We also nabbed two of the scrumptious TanOrganic (sponsor of the awards) cupcakes on our way out… for our littles (of course!)

— Emily


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Salon 53 – Lovely

Jackie Burger held Salon 58‘s fourth soirée for 2015 entitled Lovely, on Saturday 15 August 2015 at the P.J. Olivier Art Centre in Stellenbosch.

Lovely marked the beginning of Salon 58’s spring/summer soirées and centred around four aspects of a modern woman’s life – business, spirituality, beauty and fashion.

“Lovely, to me, is about upliftment, lightness, and enlightenment. The talks, the fashion and the entire experience were therefore a celebration of womanhood in all its lightness, something many of us forget in the course of our hurried lives,” said Jackie.

We were sad to miss this one. Even more so when we browsed through the beautiful images forwarded on by Salon 58’s PR maestro Jenna McArthur.

Pour a glass of wine, or brew a pot of tea tea, and feast your eyes on these pics. Such a treat for the soul…

Left Image
Right Image

Salon 58 Lovely Low Res-49

Salon 58 Lovely Low Res-65

Salon 58 Lovely Low Res-122

Salon 58 Lovely Low Res-6

Salon 58 Lovely Low Res-7

NEW_Salon 58 Lovely Low Res-12

Salon 58 Lovely Low Res-15

Salon 58 Lovely Low Res-32

NEW_Salon 58 Lovely Low Res-34

NEW_Salon 58 Lovely Low Res-22

NEW_Salon 58 Lovely Low Res-35

NEW_Salon 58 Lovely Low Res-39

Salon 58 Lovely Low Res-29

Salon 58 Lovely Low Res-23

Salon 58 Lovely Low Res-19

Salon 58 Lovely Low Res-18

Photography: Niquita Bento

— Emily


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and the sasko quick treats winner is…

Dan Peters for his deliciously scrumptious Magic Cookies! Well done Dan, that beautiful Kenwood mixer is all yours! We’re sure your family are going to be exceptionally happy with you for winning such an amazing prize, and hopefully you’ll be creating some more awesome things now that you have such a handy gadget in the kitchen.

Thank you to everyone who entered this fabulous competition, you were all…


And thank you to Sasko Quick Treats for allowing all of us the opportunity to get creative!

— Liza


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Adventure Boot Camp – the journey begins

I have long been feeling the need for some kind of kick up the ass when it comes to exercise.  I was always a faithful gym member, but having two babies very close together meant I could hardly get out the house, let alone to gym. I started to lose motivation, along with my self-esteem (and my gym membership, sob).

I recently shook off the lethargy and started running. But I wanted some kind of resistance training to go along with it. Something to help tone up this mummy-tummy that just won’t budge.

So, when Adventure Boot Camp (ABC) approached us about doing a month of boot camp it was like a message sent from above. GET YOUR BUTT INTO GEAR, it said. Loud and clear. So here we go!

We started at the beginning of August at a local school with an average of about 12 other women. 6pm sharp come rain or shine. Luckily so far it’s been uncharacteristically balmy winter evenings and each session has been a pleasure.


The exercises focus on resistance training and cardio. Short bursts of activity that end before you can get bored, forcing you onto the next thing. The hour literally flies and I have never felt that way about exercise before. We even played a short stint of netball the other night. Enormous fun.

If you are looking for the proverbial kick up the ass when it comes to exercise this is the perfect shake up. It’s something different, you meet new people, get outside and get active.

Plus, supper and the glass of wine afterwards never tasted so good!

Check out their website here to find one near you.

— Emily


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sasko quick treats finalist #2 – magic cookies

Our second finalist for our Sasko Quick Treats competition is Mr Dan Peters, who baked these awesome white chocolate and mixed berry cookies with his boys one wintery afternoon.

Willow and I had the pleasure of making them for some friends she had coming around and they were utterly scrumptious.


These cookies are so decadent. Crisp on the outside, gooey and chewy on the inside. Every mouthful is a taste sensation as you bite into a juicy raspberry or sweet white chocolate. These won’t last a day in the cookie jar!

1 x pack 500g Sasko Quick Treats Cookie Mix
1 extra large egg
140ml butter
1/4 cup mixed berries
1 slab white chocolate

Preheat oven to 180 degrees
Add the Sasko Quick Treats Cookie Mix to a mixing bowl and rub in the butter by hand
Whisk the egg and add to the flour mix
Combine with your hands to form a dough
Roll a tablespoon of mixture into a ball and place on a baking tray
Flatten to the desired thickness
Gently place mixed berries and white chocolate chunks onto the biscuit
Bake for 10-12 minutes


White chocolate and berries are added once the cookie is rolled out on the baking pan


Rubbing in the butter was W’s favourite part. Apart from tasting, of course!




W had a couple of friends to play. The cookies didn’t last long!

— Emily


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sasko quick treats finalist #1 – vanilla muffins with mascarpone, orange and dates

Wow, we have been overwhelmed by all the fabulous, creative, unbelievably amazing entries for our Sasko Quick Treats competition. We selected two finalists at random – so as to make it fair, it would have been way too difficult to choose any other way! And so, the finalists are: Araffa Mpungwe’s Vanilla Muffins with Mascarpone, Orange and Dates, and Dan Peters’ White Magic Cookies. Now it’s our job to trial these recipes and then the ultimate winner – who’ll walk away with a Kenwood Mixer – will be decided!

Yesterday I trialed Araffa’s muffins, and they were just delicious. My little jury thought so too.

Here’s Araffa’s rendition of how she came up with this recipe…


Araffa’s beautiful, decadent looking creations

It was Eid a few weeks ago, so I had plenty dates left from the celebrations, spicy chai on a Sunday is just ideal and well, I wanted to try the Sasko Quick Treats and who doesn’t like baking and eating (and eating, and eating) right?

I thought muffins would be simple enough. And since I’m Tanzanian, our love for simple foods with a whole lot of Arabic fused flavour inspired this recipe.

You’ll need:

Sasko Quick Treats Vanilla Flavoured Muffin Mix
Vegetable Oil
(as per Sasko Quick Treats packet)

Teaspoon almond essence

Add the Sasko Quick Treats mix to the wet ingredients – mix well and then leave it in the fridge for about 15-20 mins. In the interim prep the muffin pan, I used baking paper (to keep it moist). It’ll take you a little time to cut 12 square pieces so the 20 mins will go by super fast. Add the mix to the muffin pan and then bake for 20-25 mins!

To accompany my spicy chai, I decided to make something sweet to add to the muffins. Dates with mascarpone mixed with condensed milk make for an awesome combo – add orange essence and you have a winning cream topping!

You’ll need:

Half a can of condensed milk
Tub of mascarpone
Teaspoon orange essence
Pitless dates

Mix the condensed milk, mascarpone and orange essence together. Chop the dates into tiny pieces.

Once the muffins have cooled down, spread the cream topping on them; sprinkle the dates – and dust on icing sugar for effect!


PS: the vanilla muffins are great by themselves too! I hardly broke the bank, and had little cleaning up to do – #WINNING 😉


Although not as pretty as Araffa’s, a good effort!


‘Mama, what are the sprinkles?’


Can we eat it now?




‘Mama, we don’t like the sprinkles!’



— Liza


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