it’s pants season

For some reason, I really struggle to wear dresses in winter. I feel too restricted by the layering of tights, dress, jersey, coat etc. So as soon as the weather turns cold and rainy, and I absolutely cannot leave the house baring skin, I turn to pants. All kinds of pants: high-waisted wide leg pants, tapered and cropped pants, skinny denims, boyfriend denims… Here’s some inspiration below.

We also have a whole bunch of gorgeous pants for sale in the I Heart Vintage store, too. Click here to take a look!


Wide-leg pants paired with a slouchy yet feminine jersey (credit: Style du Monde)


All about staples here… black skinnies, white tee, sports jacket (credit: Caroline’s Mode)


Tailored, wide-leg pants in navy paired with a simple tucked in knit… perfection! (credit: Style du Monde)


Boyfriend denims with the perfect roll-up and a long tuxedo-style jacket (credit: Caroline’s Mode)


And almost always, my pants are paired with flats. Here are a few I have my eye on…


Jane Sews ‘Anita’ brogues (buy them here)


Woolworths snakeskin slipper pumps (buy them here)


Country Road tasselled loafers (buy them here)

— Liza


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the travelling vintage suitcase

Last week, we packed all our vintage stock into a beautiful old vintage suitcase which Liza inherited from her husband’s granny, and went to pay a visit to the Marie Claire offices in Cape Town.

One of our most prolific and fabulous clients works there and we wanted an excuse to pop in and show off our latest stock. She was so excited, she yelled for the whole team to come and forage for treasures, and we were able to pair some of our favourite pieces with their forever homes.

We love seeing beautiful vintage items go to people that adore them and appreciate them for what they are.


Discussing the merits of vintage


This lucky dress is taking a trip with its new owner to Paris next month


A match made in vintage heaven

It gave us the travelling vintage suitcase brainwave, too. If you have an office or a group of friends who love vintage, but don’t always have the time or inclination to go and hunt for it, then we can come to you! If you are in and around Cape Town…

Send a mail to and we’ll chat :)

Yours in vintage

— Liza


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i thought he was ready for play school. i was wrong

In the lead up to Jimmy starting play school at the beginning of term 2 I told anyone who’d listen, “he’s so ready, can’t wait for him to start” etc etc.

Now, not for the first time since I started this journey called motherhood, it turns out that I was completely wrong.

I knew he would kick up a bit of a fuss, but I didn’t expect complete inconsolable grief (on his side) and pleading, begging and cajoling (on mine). It lasted for three weeks, until we were told that he really isn’t going to settle and that maybe we should try again next year.

Not even next term. Next year!

We had tried everything. Our wonderful nanny Christina, who he adores, stayed with him all morning, sitting quietly nearby, so he always felt secure. That worked for a session or two. Then it didn’t anymore.

I tried dropping them at the end of the road with the pushchair so as to avoid the whole goodbye and leaving thing, that didn’t help either.

He just cried a lot – loud, continuous crying, and he wouldn’t settle. So at the end of last week we made the call. No more play school.

I have been battling with all this mama-guilt. What will happen if he’s not socialised, what if he is going to be awkward his whole life, what are we doing wrong…? But then I think (in my mother’s tone of voice for extra impact) “for goodness sake woman, he’s only 2!”

It’s hard to step back and allow your children to develop at their own pace sometimes. I’m sure you are all far wiser than I when it comes to this, but I sometimes catch myself thinking “other people’s kids do it, so mine should too”. But that’s rubbish, and realising that is it rubbish is incredibly liberating.

Yours in motherhood,

— Emily

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all i want to do is sleep

Sleep. The thing you miss the most once you have had children. That, and perhaps your pre-baby body. And a quiet cup of coffee. That’s not lukewarm. But nothing can really prepare you for the shock of a newborn baby and its constant demands… and thus the lack of sleep. My littles are now 5 and 2, and yet, I still don’t sleep all night. Seriously, since two weeks ago, Robert has always been a restless, whiny, demanding, needy and hungry baby at night. He’s hard work and most mornings we would say to him, ‘You’re lucky you’re so cute!’ But as luck would have it, since Robert has decided to be a good sleeper, I’ve been working on this mammoth job that’s kept me up every night the last three weeks till after 11pm. I finally finished it yesterday and put Taylor Swift on so loud then danced around the lounge with the littles. I also drank three glasses of champagne. But the question remains… how am I going to get more sleep? If it’s not Robert, it’s work. And vice versa.

Like I said a few months ago here, my bedtime ritual is not always one that induces sleep – it’s tempting to eventually collapse into bed and catch up on social media or play Scrabble (addicted), so when Africology sent us their Sleep Easy hamper, I knew it was time to change my ways.


All of the Sleep Easy Africology products are infused with lavender – known for its sleep-inducing properties. First I give our bed a spray with the Pillow and Linen Spray (R180), then I massage my temples with the delicious smelling Sleep Gel (R140) – this helps to ease tension and relax my body and mind. I then place the Eye Pillow (R285) over my eyes to block out all light and to really help me float away.

Now, I’ll be honest. I don’t do this every night but when I do, I really sleep well. And as we all know, a good night’s sleep is so important for your mental and physical wellbeing.

If you’re in need of some extra sleep motivation, get yourself the Africology products today – you can buy them online or head to their stores – and thank me later :-)

— Liza


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