beauty secrets we learnt from our moms

Yay, yay it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday. Double the fun to be able to celebrate our precious mothers and get spoilt by our own families too. Being a mom is no mean feat, but it’s also the most rewarding job on the planet.

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This year, we’re going to share some of the beauty secrets our moms have passed down to us in their daily beauty regimes.

“As a little girl, I always remember my mum slathering on the body cream every night after her bath. Today, she still religiously moisturises from top to toe before she goes to bed, and her skin is gorgeous. I will admit that I am not as dedicated to the task as my mom, but I do make the effort to keep my skin as soft and silky as possible. With two kids, life is usually a bit of a mad rush so I’ve bought myself some Nivea In-Shower Moisturiser which works like a charm. Another secret from my mum is to always have a tube of hand cream in your handbag and on your bedside table. So I’m never without my Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. I also remember my mum always smelling great, but never overpowering a room. Her secret? A few subtle spritzes of her favourite scent on her pulse points, as well a little in her hair (which by the way is always impeccable). Try L’Occitane’s Jasmin & Bergamote EDT for a burst of floral freshness.” – Liza

“My mum has never been a big make-up wearer, but she’s always taken her skin very seriously. Her mum, my grandmother, is in her eighties and still has the most perfect alabaster skin imaginable and has passed that very English complexion down the line. One disadvantage is that this skin doesn’t fare well in the African sunshine and I brought my mother to actual tears burning in the sun when I was younger. She had to teach me that beauty doesn’t lie in peeling and blisters, but in celebrating the skin you have. I take sun protection very seriously now and have learnt from my mum that no make-up can beat a beautiful dewy, well-moisturised skin. We are utterly unfaithful to brands, willing to try anything that promises us beauty and eternal youth, but our strong line of French blood makes L’Occitane a firm family favourite. L’Occitane’s Divine Cream is the ideal anti-ageing cream for both of us. Natural and full of essential oils, it moisturises, lifts and defines. Yes please!” – Emily

If you still haven’t got your mom a gift, let L’Occitane help with their fun Mother’s Day Gift Finder.

We hope all of you amazing moms have a super day on Sunday!

— Liza

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