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I remember my first visit to a Forever 21 store was back in 2011 when we were on holiday in New York. I stepped inside the Times Square store and literally did not want to leave. It was huge, overwhelming… and I left with nothing. Too many choices! So how exciting, just a few years later, to have a Forever 21 store right in my home town. Now I can go as often as I want, plus they have new stuff in store every week. I will admit that I’m not a big fan of ‘fast’ fashion, but sometimes a girl just needs a good, old-fashioned retail fix that won’t break the bank.

A few weeks ago Emily and I went to the exclusive opening of the store at Canal Walk. We were feeling tired, stressed, overworked, premenstrual (seriously!) and just not really in the mood for a shopping evening. But as soon as we walked through the doors we somehow forgot about all the stress and exhaustion and we turned into full on shopping mode. The fact that we each received R1000 to spend also helped. The store is big, with different shopping areas each tailored to a specific look plus a huge accessories area as well as shoes, underwear, active wear and everyday basics. At one stage I misplaced my voucher (remember I said we were tired?) and I retraced my steps but just couldn’t find it. Thankfully Emily had a clearer head on her and she marched straight over to where we had been trying on the hats and picked it up for me. Thank you friend!

forever 21

forever 21

forever 21

The new Forever 21 is worth a visit, so get down there and let us know what you buy!

— Liza

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