A new range of skincare oils called Lipidol was launched last week. It’s from the guys who brought us Bio Oil and I can say from experience that it is amazing.

We think a lot about what we put on our skin, I know that I do. More and more I’ve been turning towards natural alternatives and what we learnt at the Lipidol launch has just enforced this even further. One of the scientists involved in the creation of Lipidol talked us through the whole process, from conception to delivery.

One thing that really stuck with me was when he explained why we should use oil on our skin. Our skin produces an oily, waxy substance to keep it moisturised and to protect it, this gets removed when we wash so it makes sense to replaced it with oils… skin doesn’t release cream.


There are 6 products in the range: Cleansing Face Oil, Cleansing Body Oil, After Shower Oil, Sunscreen Oil, Aftershave Oil and Overnight Face Oil. Liza and I have been using the Cleansing Body Oil and the After Shower Oil and I can see a big difference already. I have dry skin and I’ve noticed that it’s now way more supple and dewy all day.

The entire range is available exclusively at Clicks at the same price point – R79.95 for each product.

— Emily

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  1. Lecia Durham 01/10/2014 at 11:57 am #

    I was so excited by this and found the marketing to be very clever. But what a disappointment when I went onto the site and saw the ingredient list. So many ‘nasty’ ingredients and its supposed to be natural. Im all for Oils on your skin but for one product to have so many ingredients is strange (have you seen the ingredient list for the Sun Screen) and so many are known carcinogens! Great Pity.

    • Liza 01/10/2014 at 9:02 pm #

      Oh dear, we haven’t had a look at the ingredients. Will definitely investigate. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Angela 21/10/2014 at 9:12 pm #

    These guys think its cutting edge to use 99.5 % mineral oil as a breakthrough with a really really amount of natural oils ,. If they used jojoba oil ( which is a wax ) they couldn’t make a commercial product thats so cheap. Baby oil would have the same effect and is cheaper. I think its such a shame the reviews I have read even in mind food , claiming these products are a new concept in a healthy moisturiser , mineral oil has such a bad rep for blocking your skin barrier and not being able to breathe ( the public is trying to stay clear of it ) and these guys are trying to make it sound good. Very disappointed .

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