sleeping training fail

My husband and I haven’t slept in the same bed for a month. I no longer get to press my cold feet against his legs or feel his warm, reassuring personage next to me as I sleep. Instead, I am co-sleeping with a fidgeting, sprawling 18-month-old who at any time of the night can be found flung precariously on the edge of the bed, parts of him dangling over the edge just waiting to pull the rest of him off and give me the fright of my life.

Jimmy is proving immune to any of the traditional forms of sleeping training. He can cry longer and louder than any other mini-human being in existence and has caused us to throw all parenting lessons to the wind and let him into our bed.

Problem is, the little Lord of the manor was not entirely happy with this arrangement so dad is now on the couch and has been for a month. Jimmy, now happily ensconced on his father’s side of the bed, watches Ryan get ready for work in the morning with both arms stretched behind his head like some sort of kingpin. I know this arrangement is probably top of the Bad Parenting 101 list, but hell at least we are getting some sleep.

The problem that now presents itself however, is now what? We can’t carry on like this forever. This weekend we agreed that we are going to sell the cot and get him a big boy bed (*sob*!). Something new that has none of the associations of the dear little cot that he has grown to despise. We’ll make a big fuss and encouragement about him sleeping in it and cross fingers and toes that it works. But what if it doesn’t?

We’ll wait and see… until then I will strain my eyes reading old English novels by the dim glow of the passage light, and fall asleep next to his sprawled little body. The problem is I am actually starting to grow accustomed to it. Listening to him mutter new words in his sleep, waking up to his sweet smile, his little face so delighted to see me… sigh, maybe we should rather invest in a kingsized bed and let him stay forever…!

— Emily

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  1. Ruth T 06/10/2014 at 3:37 pm #

    Oh Em…so sorry!! It’s exhausting!!

    Friends of mine did in fact keep sleeping with both their boys in their bed!!
    They are 2 and 5yes at the moment!! haa, haa…
    They love it!!!

  2. hello olive 06/10/2014 at 10:10 pm #

    You should try getting him to share a room with his sibling. My youngest is also 18 months and we delayed sleep training for ages. We tried loads of techniques and eventually decided to move the boys into the same room. The little one is now happy to be left in his cot to fall asleep because his big brother is right there. And the big one is reassured having the little one there. Good luck!

  3. Emily 07/10/2014 at 10:06 am #

    Hi Hello Olive

    Thanks. That is a great idea… we might try it out tonight!

  4. Chereen 07/10/2014 at 6:21 pm #

    Oh my goodness… I can SO relate! We ended up trying the ‘big boy bed’, and so far, so good! He’s slept in his own bed (in our room) all night for about two weeks (bar one or two nights when he’s climbed out of his bed and crawled into ours…I do think he was teething at this point though, as he had all the other teething symptoms… oh, and my husband forgot – WHO DOES THAT?! – to change his nappy before bed on one occasion, so he woke up because he’d piddled all over himself). Anyway, long story short: success so far, so it might work for you, too! We made a big fuss by making a big deal of his little train bed, and getting SpiderMan linen… now, when I tell him it’s time for bed, he says ‘Pider’ and toddles off to bed on his own. Hope it works for you, or that you find something that does (though I’m totally with you – nothing better than baby boy cuddles all night long!) x

  5. Emily 08/10/2014 at 8:13 am #

    Thanks Chereen. Your real life experience has given me hope! Am all ready to make the swap, although feeling emotional about it. Luckily I have an unsentimental husband so I’m going to rely on him to do the practical stuff!

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