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I am always looking for ways to make our little home feel bigger. It’s impossible to think clearly and function properly when surrounded by clutter.

This Christmas my kiddos were wonderfully spoilt and while we’re thrilled with our new toys, we’re faced with the challenge of finding a place for everything.

Big clear out time. We donated some stuff and dropped off a few bags at the secondhand kids clothing/toys store where my sister works – Tantrum on Main Road Kenilworth. It’s a real treat if you are looking for an affordable way to clothe your children in cute, international brands while passing on your own children’s (good quality) old clothes. It’s been a real life saver for me over the last couple of years.

This family space, discovered on The Design Files has inspired me this week. Uncluttered, light, airy and still warm enough to be called a home.

Good to see how it’s possible to have kids but not a lounge knee-deep in toys and plastic furniture 🙂








— Emily

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