house hunting for first timers

We want to buy a house. It seems very grown up but we have reached the realisation that we are pretty much grown up. No more the carefree nomads with nothing but the clothes on our back and our dreams!

The first place we go when we are in the mood to browse is the property pages on Gumtree. Their property price checker is a dream for anyone wanting to get to grips with an area and how much the average property is going for, rental prices and square meter prices and so on. It’s enormously helpful. You can also download their cool Gumtree app and get all info you need while you’re out and about.


We are still in the early stages, but have uncovered so many tips and bits of advice that come with buying your first home that it’s feeling a little overwhelming. The huge price jump between a 3 bedroom house and 4. Should we buy something old and do it up, or rather look to buy something that is ready to move in? What about catchment zones, should we apply for schools and move to the area once we’ve been accepted, or move there and then apply?

I have narrowed it all down to 5 main questions that need to be asked:
1. Does this house fit into our budget? Can we afford it and still afford to eat?
2. Are we going to be paying more for this house than it’s worth?
3. How is the location? Does it work with our lives as they stand. How close to work, play school etc?
4. How much work needs to be done?
5. What does our gut say? LISTEN TO YOUR GUT!

If we ask ourselves these questions every time we get carried away by a cool house (the other day I almost made an offer on a too small house based on the fact that I loved the chalkboard wall in the kitchen) and we keep a close eye on the Gumtree Property Price Checker, then we stand a better chance of making a sensible decision when the time comes.

Any tips and advice would be most welcome!

— Emily

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  1. Jenny 14/02/2015 at 1:52 pm #

    Good luck, we’ve been on the hunt for a while now. Owning a home is the best investment ever and whether it a fixer upper or a move straight in, making it your own home is so much fun!

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