PICHULIK’s brave women

Local jewellery brand Pichulik has launched its Brave Women series, an archive of intimate portraits of courageous women that wear Pichulik accessories.

The idea to celebrate these women came from meeting with, “some extraordinary women, some famous and some not, who astounded me with their unique bravery and beauty. The time I spent with them developed into conversations about femininity, intuition and inspiration,” says Katherine-Mary Pichulik.

The most recent woman to be the focus of the Brave Women campaign is Talia Sanhewe, the founder of a production company, entrepreneur and producer, formerly an award-winning reporter. Pichulik explains why Sanhewe was included in the campaign: “The first time I saw Talia was at a coffee shop. I did not know who she was but her beauty and manner oozed joy. I then met her at my very scary interview as Businesswoman of the Year finalist as she was one of the judges. When we finally met again and got to know each other I was struck by her story. It is rich with compassion, courage, vulnerability and authenticity. That’s when I knew that she was one of the Brave Women.”

Talia SanhewePICHULIK_001

Talia SanhewePICHULIK_003

Talia SanhewePICHULIK_006

Talia SanhewePICHULIK_007

Talia SanhewePICHULIK_009

Talia was photographed by Tommaso Fisceletti who also shot all the other women in the series that began with Lucie De Moyencourt, an architect, set designer and illustrator. All the women who participated in the series, and who will be introduced as the campaign rolls out, are creators in their own right. View Pichulik’s Brave Women series here.

— Emily

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