Salon 53 – Lovely

Jackie Burger held Salon 58‘s fourth soirée for 2015 entitled Lovely, on Saturday 15 August 2015 at the P.J. Olivier Art Centre in Stellenbosch.

Lovely marked the beginning of Salon 58’s spring/summer soirées and centred around four aspects of a modern woman’s life – business, spirituality, beauty and fashion.

“Lovely, to me, is about upliftment, lightness, and enlightenment. The talks, the fashion and the entire experience were therefore a celebration of womanhood in all its lightness, something many of us forget in the course of our hurried lives,” said Jackie.

We were sad to miss this one. Even more so when we browsed through the beautiful images forwarded on by Salon 58’s PR maestro Jenna McArthur.

Pour a glass of wine, or brew a pot of tea tea, and feast your eyes on these pics. Such a treat for the soul…

Left Image
Right Image

Salon 58 Lovely Low Res-49

Salon 58 Lovely Low Res-65

Salon 58 Lovely Low Res-122

Salon 58 Lovely Low Res-6

Salon 58 Lovely Low Res-7

NEW_Salon 58 Lovely Low Res-12

Salon 58 Lovely Low Res-15

Salon 58 Lovely Low Res-32

NEW_Salon 58 Lovely Low Res-34

NEW_Salon 58 Lovely Low Res-22

NEW_Salon 58 Lovely Low Res-35

NEW_Salon 58 Lovely Low Res-39

Salon 58 Lovely Low Res-29

Salon 58 Lovely Low Res-23

Salon 58 Lovely Low Res-19

Salon 58 Lovely Low Res-18

Photography: Niquita Bento

— Emily

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