sasko quick treats finalist #1 – vanilla muffins with mascarpone, orange and dates

Wow, we have been overwhelmed by all the fabulous, creative, unbelievably amazing entries for our Sasko Quick Treats competition. We selected two finalists at random – so as to make it fair, it would have been way too difficult to choose any other way! And so, the finalists are: Araffa Mpungwe’s Vanilla Muffins with Mascarpone, Orange and Dates, and Dan Peters’ White Magic Cookies. Now it’s our job to trial these recipes and then the ultimate winner – who’ll walk away with a Kenwood Mixer – will be decided!

Yesterday I trialed Araffa’s muffins, and they were just delicious. My little jury thought so too.

Here’s Araffa’s rendition of how she came up with this recipe…


Araffa’s beautiful, decadent looking creations

It was Eid a few weeks ago, so I had plenty dates left from the celebrations, spicy chai on a Sunday is just ideal and well, I wanted to try the Sasko Quick Treats and who doesn’t like baking and eating (and eating, and eating) right?

I thought muffins would be simple enough. And since I’m Tanzanian, our love for simple foods with a whole lot of Arabic fused flavour inspired this recipe.

You’ll need:

Sasko Quick Treats Vanilla Flavoured Muffin Mix
Vegetable Oil
(as per Sasko Quick Treats packet)

Teaspoon almond essence

Add the Sasko Quick Treats mix to the wet ingredients – mix well and then leave it in the fridge for about 15-20 mins. In the interim prep the muffin pan, I used baking paper (to keep it moist). It’ll take you a little time to cut 12 square pieces so the 20 mins will go by super fast. Add the mix to the muffin pan and then bake for 20-25 mins!

To accompany my spicy chai, I decided to make something sweet to add to the muffins. Dates with mascarpone mixed with condensed milk make for an awesome combo – add orange essence and you have a winning cream topping!

You’ll need:

Half a can of condensed milk
Tub of mascarpone
Teaspoon orange essence
Pitless dates

Mix the condensed milk, mascarpone and orange essence together. Chop the dates into tiny pieces.

Once the muffins have cooled down, spread the cream topping on them; sprinkle the dates – and dust on icing sugar for effect!


PS: the vanilla muffins are great by themselves too! I hardly broke the bank, and had little cleaning up to do – #WINNING 😉


Although not as pretty as Araffa’s, a good effort!


‘Mama, what are the sprinkles?’


Can we eat it now?




‘Mama, we don’t like the sprinkles!’



— Liza

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  1. Araffa 06/08/2015 at 3:20 pm #

    Thanks for sharing. My fingers are still tightly crossed 🙂 xxx

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