saltwater sandals now in SA!

This is the best news… we’ve been fans of Saltwater Sandals for a very long time…


As you can see below, I only bought these amazing sandals for the littles (online in the US and UK when family and friends went over and could bring them back for me), but now I can buy right here in SA. Seriously, these are the only shoes that actually last an entire season with my littles – and they’d go for longer if their feet didn’t grow out of them.


Saltwater Sandals were originally made from military boot scrap leather by a guy called Walter Hoy back in the US in the 1940s. They’re designed to mould to the shape of your foot which works even better when the shoes get wet… that’s why they’re perfect for the beach. Robbie is ready for a new pair and I have my eye on these tan ones for myself!


You can buy them online here or at selected stores in Jhb and Pretoria – see the website for details. Hopefully they will be coming to Cape Town and Durban soon!

— Liza

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