blissed out at the four seasons westcliff spa

We wish we could have whisked ourselves away to experience the utter bliss of the newly revamped spa at the Four Seasons Westcliff Hotel, but alas, our trusty Joburg correspondent Ruth Tanser, had to step in for us 🙂 Ruth says we have the ocean and she has The Westcliff, so all is fair.

Here’s what Ruth had to say about her experience…

I’m a mom to three boys (two of which are 10-month-old twins!), so I was really looking forward to some pampering at The Westcliff. As I pulled up to the gates of the hotel, the staff greeted me enthusiastically. I was shown where to park and even offered a lift to the spa in a golf cart – incase I was wearing heels. As soon as I stepped into the spa I started to feel relaxed – even more so once I had my fluffy gown and soft rubber slippers on. I didn’t even have to worry about a locker key as the new lockers use a nifty code system. While I waited for my lovely therapist Noni, I took some time out in the relaxation lounge which overlooks the beautiful infinity pool and a canopy of trees. It was a perfect autumn day and as I sipped on some freshly brewed Honeybush, Coconot and Mango tea and read some magazines, I felt like I was in heaven and I hadn’t even had my treatment yet! 






I opted for the back, neck, shoulder and scalp massage to relieve the tension in my upper body. Noni seated me and began with a welcoming foot washing ceremony. She offered me a warm peppermint-scented towel, which acts as an invigorant, and she then immersed my feet in cucumber and salt-infused water before scrubbing them gently. My massage was brilliant and Noni was careful to check whether she was applying the correct pressure and if I was comfortable. It ended with an incredible scalp massage which is always my favourite part.

As it had been recommended to me to try out the ice scrub and steam room after my massage I was quite happy to acquiesce. The spa has separate sauna and steam room facilities for men and women. What a way to end off my treatment – I felt refreshed and invigorated! Unfortunately time was running out and even though I was sorely tempted by the Jacuzzi and infinity pool, I had to head back to my boys. 

Throughout the entire two hour experience I felt incredibly pampered and left feeling utterly relaxed and rejuvenated. Thank you Four Seasons Westcliff Spa, what a treat! 

— Liza

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