did you survive the holidays?

And just like that the winter school holidays are done and dusted. What did you get up to? Although it was a bit of a whirlwind – I’m such a stickler for routine and holidays are not about routine – it was all great fun. Bailey had to have grommets put in, and she was so brave. She said afterwards that her ears felt very ‘sensible’. I took the littles to spend a week with my sister and her great, big crazy family in Durban. We had no agenda and just decided each day what we felt like doing. Highlights included hiking in Krantzkloof, spending the morning on the beach skipping through rock pools when it was pouring with rain back home, visiting Mini Town (especially for Robert), riding the cableway over the promenade (terrifying!), playing racket ball and running with my nephews and brother-in-law (thanks sis for babysitting!), visiting my niece at her waitressing job and having her serve us (how to make me feel old) and just hanging out with my special family.





Here’s a video that my clever niece made of our one morning in Durban. It captures the fun perfectly!

And last week, back home, we spent a lovely rainy Friday afternoon at Cafe Paradiso. The mamas drank wine and managed to actually have a conversation, while all the kids were whisked off to the kitchen to make their own pizzas. Such a great idea and the kids loved it. And if they’re not in the mood for pizza they can also do biscuits or gingerbread men.


— Liza

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