Salon 58 – Awaken Grace

We cannot get enough of these gorgeous photos from Jackie Burger’s latest soiree at Salon 58. As usual it was elegant and utterly charming, exploring grace in all its manifestations to uncover a way of thinking that is unfettered by time, seasons and age.

Enjoy the beautiful pictures and inspirational learnings from this unique morning at a special place in Stellenbosch…


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Since making its first public appearance in 1779, compliments of Marie Antoinette, the white shirt has never gone out of fashion. The clean cuts we know today have evolved, like the trench coat, from menswear and this piece has become a symbol of status. Nothing signals the wearer’s character, attitude and intent quite like a white shirt. This is why Jackie, together with HABITS, presented a selection of classic white shirts. ‘A white shirt allows the women to speak louder than the clothes.’

– Jackie Burger


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The perfect crimson pout is a powerful symbol of female beauty and has, like women, evolved into more than a one-size-fits-all shade. Proof that age does not define a woman’s look nor her outlook is the 94-year-old Iris Apfel who collaborated with M.A.C Cosmetics on a range of sell-out red lipsticks. The M.A.C Cosmetics team was on hand on the day with their Lip Service bar and helped each guest find the red for her.


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A five-course interactive food experience created by Slippery Spoon, courtesy of Woolworths Food, brought home the magic of awakening all five of the senses – hearing, taste, smell, touch and sight – and ultimately led to discovering the most powerful sense of all, intuition.


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Award-winning Redken Stylist Dawid Kriel unpacked the return of the curl and demonstrated the possibilities of greys, silver and platinum, hair colours that are increasingly seen on fashion spreads and the runways today. He showed how to wear natural grey with confidence and, for the more daring, how to go all-out platinum.


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Jackie, together with her collaborators and guests, examined the process of conscious eve-olution with Dr. Yvette de Villiers in a conversation that centered around grace as a way of being and behaving. ‘To practise acting in a graceful way toward all beings at all times requires an incredible level of awareness and mindfulness to others and to our environment.’

– Dr Yvette De Villiers

— Emily

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