About Us

We became friends when we were 12 years old. Liza, curious about this new, pale girl who had just moved to South Africa from England, invited her round to play. We were instantly bound by our mutual troublemaking abilities, and despite our best intentions… we always got caught. Twenty (or so) years later we are friends, business partners and the two busy mamas behind I Heart Your Outfit.


Meticulous copy editor, proofreader and managing editor, she works for magazines and corporates where she finds pleasure in editing copy to its finest form, setting deadlines and issuing orders. She is a wife and mama to six-year-old Bailey and two-year-old Robert (and two bulldogs, a hamster and some fish). Some of her favourite things to do include discovering new places, buying handbags, baking, reading books, magazines and blogs, and being with her family.


Wordsmith, writer and lover of the kind of English literature that other people only read as setwork novels in high school. She works for a pr company crafting brilliant copy all day. She is a wife and mama to a feisty four year old called Willow and a busy two year old called James. She dreams of one day writing a novel and has a love of all things vintage. She wishes she lived 100 years ago.

To send us press releases, invitations, information or just to say hi, email us at theiheartgirls@gmail.com

Our New Company

We launched our new business on 16 November 2015. To find out more about Storytime Club, click here.