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best of beauty, plus a chance to win! – closed

Congrats to Kelly Brook for winning! 

Have you got your November issue of Fair Lady yet? In it you’ll find all the winners of the Best of Beauty Awards 2013. It’s a careful curation of the top beauty products from mascara to moisturiser, lipstick to sun care, making it easier for you when trying to decide what to use. The judging panel was made up of Jo-Ann Strauss, make-up artist Melissa van Zyl, dermatologist Dr Whitaker, director of Carlton Hair David Gillson, our favourite beauty blogger, Candice Lee Kannemeyer, as well as Fair Lady’s Editor Suzy Brokensha and Junior Beauty Ed, Kelli Clifton.

best of beauty

We’d suggest getting a copy of the November issue asap, because there’s the opportunity to win every single product in the Best of Beauty Awards, worth about R46 000!

Also, you can win with us today as Fair Lady are giving one of our lucky readers a free six-month digital subscription. All you need to do to enter is tell us which product in the list (click through) you absolutely cannot live without, just by leaving a comment. Easy as that.

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— Liza


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lashes, lips, luminosity…

These are the three words that Chris Williams swears by – he’s the regional make-up artist for Estèe Lauder so he knows a thing or two. I learnt this, and lots more, last Friday afternoon, when I rushed from the mad deadlines at Edgars Club Man to the calm, peaceful Garden Room at the Mount Nelson Hotel to attend a make-up workshop hosted by Estèe Lauder.

estee lauder

The Garden Room was filled with beautiful lilies (my favourite)!

estee lauder

estee lauder

Chris and his colleague dished out a ton of tips for us…

  • If you don’t wear lipstick but love gloss and want a lipstick finish, use your lip pencil to fill in your whole lip and add a touch of gloss over
  • Wash all your make-up brushes once a week! (I am so guilty of leaving my brushes for weeks without washing, guess what I did as soon as I got home?)
  • To ensure no shine throughout the day, use Double Wear Foundation and Double Wear Loose Powder
  • If you have dryer skin, add three drops of Advanced Night Repair to your foundation
  • If you don’t have a brow pencil, and feel like it’s too big an expense, just use your eyeshadow – it’s softer and less artificial
  • Always finish your face with a dusting of Double Wear Powder or Invisible Powder – especially if you know your photo will be taken – this ensures you avoid the ‘ghost’ look in pictures
  • Your brows are sisters, not twins.
  • Your basic products to achieve the lashes, lips and luminosity effect are BB Cream, Lip Lacquer, Lipgloss and Mascara.

Have a beautiful Friday!

— Liza


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what’s on my beauty shelf


Ryan is a recent convert to water. He’s drinking it by the gallon and swears it has eradicated all sorts of concerns and ailments. The other day he said that he could see I was drinking more water because my skin was looking hydrated and glowy. Well, he didn’t say ‘glowy’ but that’s what he meant.

I was so touched by his observation that I didn’t want to say it was probably the fact that I have recently started using the amazing Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair and their Advanced Time Zone moisturiser. I do drink a lot of water too!

The other products I cannot do with out include the new Dove moisturiser for dry skin, Garnier’s BB cream that I wear every day and Balm Balm‘s organic foot cream that is helping me get rid of my winter feet. My two all time must have’s are the extra intense Nivea moisturiser which I have used for years and The Body Shop‘s Shea Lip Butter. This stuff has seen me through my 20s and into my 30s. My friend Julia who lives in Harare buys me a pot every time she comes to visit. My lips love it!

My latest fragrance obsession has to be Tom Ford‘s Black Orchid. Sexy and utterly irresistible!

— Emily


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beauty picks right now

Here’s a sneak peek at the beauty products I’m loving right now…


Clockwise from left: Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector – I don’t know how, but this stuff just works especially when I’m not in the mood for foundation; Dove Damage Therapy Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner – I keep changing hair products and am hoping to use these for a while, my hair needs some nourishment and I’m already seeing a difference after only one week; Moroccan Oil – I find I actually use this most to get the knots out of Bailey’s hair when we wash it (about once a week). I don’t use this too often on my own hair, but when I do, it really gives it great shine; Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup – this foundation lives up to its name, it stays in place! I struggle with a shiny T-zone though, and during the day blotting sheets are my best friend :-); Tommy Hilfiger Peach Blossom EDT – a light, fresh summer scent, perfect for everyday wear (one of my first fragrances was Tommy Girl so Tommy will always have my heart); Aha! Cream – my dermatologist, Dr Whitaker, makes this herself. She is one of the most trusted dermatologists in the country, so I know this is good stuff. It contains fruit acid to gently exfoliate dull skin, and I use it as a day cream; Estee Lauder Advanced Time Zone Age Regenerating Line / Wrinkle Cream – with the lack of sleep I’ve experienced this year (hello baby!), I couldn’t love this cream more; L’Oreal Voluminous 4x Mascara – as you can see, this mascara has been well used. It certainly gives my lashes great volume but it’s almost finished and I’m in the mood to try something new, any suggestions?

— Liza


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estée lauder’s foundation for the nation

On Monday Liza and I attended the Estée Lauder Foundation for the Nation event at the Table Bay Hotel. We weren’t expecting such a heart warming, feel good experience but we both left with a smile and a bit more hope in the future of this great nation of ours.

Estée Lauder have teamed up with Making A Difference (MAD) charity and are sponsoring a bevvy of brilliant young ladies through tertiary education. Four of these young ladies were at the event and they all radiated confidence, poise and personality. It was amazing to see.

The R1 000 000 cheque from Estée Lauder to MAD was raised through the Foundation for the Nation initiative, which runs for the months of July, September, February and April, when Estée Lauder donates R10 from every foundation bought to MAD and their drive to provide education to deserving young people.

So although September and this month’s Foundation for the Nation drive is coming to an end on 30 September, it kicks off again in February so do try and bear that in mind when you next go foundation shopping!

23.09.13_Estee Lauder-MAD_MG_1146
Estee Lauder representative from around the world hand over a cheque to MAD CEO Karien Winter and spokesperson for the charity Ryk Neethling

23.09.13_Estee Lauder-MAD_MG_1188
Four of the beautiful and super intelligent ladies currently studying through this initiative

— Emily


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love the skin you’re in

I recently attended a breakfast hosted by Dove – we spent the morning talking about how us women feel about our personal beauty and our bodies… not something I usually enjoy (after two kids there is much to criticise), but after some introspection and positive, uplifting conversation, I left feeling good about myself with a determination to stop speaking negatively about all my flaws (still working on this), and to bring up my daughter and show her how to love and appreciate her body and her beauty. We had our pictures taken too, and instead of moaning about this one, I’m going to try and like it!

basic beings

It’s a universal thing, this issue of us not appreciating our beauty. Dove’s latest study, which surveyed about 6 400 women in different countries around the world, found that only 4% consider themselves beautiful. It also found that almost a third of women globally admit that their greatest source of beauty pressure is the pressure they put on themselves. Dove’s marketing manager, Kate Swan, says, ‘Dove believes every woman has the potential to look and feel her best. We feel the most beautiful women are not necessarily those born with the most, but those that make the most of what they have with simple everyday care.’

At the breakfast we were also treated to a presentation by life coach Jacqui O’Bree, who made us do these five tips to help us realise how beautiful we are. You should try it!

1. Focus on your beauty 

  • Write down five aspects of your body and face that are beautiful
  • Don’t stop until you find at least five things
  • Share these five aspects with a friend, partner or colleague
  • Fully appreciate these five aspects and love your body from head to toe

2. Identify your uniqueness 

  • What about you makes you stand out
  • Ask a friend, partner or colleague, ‘What makes me unique?’
  • Write down what she/he says, keep it in your pocket, stick it on your bathroom mirror and read it every day
  • Silence your inner critic
  • Accept compliments without judgement
  • Celebrate your own unique beauty

3. Admire your inner beauty  

  • Consider your inner beauty
  • What do you think your best friend admires about you?
  • What qualities and characteristics do you admire about yourself and are you most proud of?
  • Write down at least five qualities and characteristics you are proud of
  • Your inner beauty and strength is reflected to those around you
  • Get in touch with what makes you beautiful inside and remind yourself of those qualities
  • Realise your full beauty potential

 4. Change the way you speak about yourself

  • Words have incredible power in our lives
  • Stop criticising yourself
  • Change the words you use to describe yourself to change how you think, feel and how you live.

5. Realise how beautiful you really are

  • Move on and forgive yourself
  • Let go of the memories, the pain and regrets that are holding you back from seeing how beautiful you really are
  • Be a kind and supportive friend to yourself
  • Treat yourself with compassion, understanding, love and support
  • Realise that you really are beautiful

Visit Dove’s Facebook page to join in the conversation, and view their digital films here.

Thanks Dove for an inspiring morning!

— Liza


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beauty sleep

Babies are cute, and our boys are no exception, but these precious little sleep-sucking bundles are not so cute at 1am, and again at 2am, 2.30am, 4am… you get the picture. Coupled with that, Emily and I had a few months of little, if not no work, after we had our babies. This happens when you work for yourself. All the momentum you gained gets swept from under your feet in an instant. We did anticipate it, but the ‘Don’t Know What You’ve Got Till It’s Gone’ mantra really rang true. So the stress of no work also meant no sleep. Then, after a pep talk from my hubby who has patiently guided and helped us through all our years of freelancing, we started to get back into the swing of things. Now, we have so much work we don’t know what to do with ourselves. Literally. So we’ve been working late every night and weekend for the past, say, six weeks now? Needless to say, we aren’t getting much sleep. At. All.


Imagine our delight when Estée Lauder delivered their new and improved Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II last week. Recent studies conducted by Estée Lauder have proven that lack of sleep has a definite effect on ageing your skin. Looking in the mirror lately, and noticing fine lines and my sad, sallow complexion, I completely agree. This revolutionary serum does a number of wonderful things while you sleep – it promotes natural nighttime purification helping to remove cellular debris which accelerates ageing and it synchronises skin to ensure that cellular repair happens at the right time.

I’ll be using this every night from tonight and will report back on the results.

To buy your beauty sleep in a bottle, shop online at Estée Lauder.

— Liza


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