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behold i’ve prepared a place for you, at last!

Preparing a nursery for your baby is a part of the pregnancy journey that I under estimated. When I was about 5 months pregnant with Willow I roused Ryan out of a Saturday afternoon slumber and insisted we start on the baby room. Together we scraped off paint, waterproofed, repainted, cleaned and basically spent a good few months doing boring stuff, before I could get busy with the fun stuff. I made a mobile, hand sewing teeny little birds with mis-matched fabric and carefully attaching them to carefully chosen twigs. I spent weeks agonising over the perfect wall tattoo. I chose curtains, scoured shops and gumtree and everything else for a compactum and a cot. I loitered in Treehouse and Mr P Home, in fits of indecision over bedding and bumpers and should she have a pillow or not, should she have a breathable mattress and what about a mobile…

You get the picture.

The result was she spent 3 months in a moses basket next to my bed and by the time we were ready to move her into the nursery we had moved house. She didn’t sleep in that nursery once. Not one single teeny weeny nap.

Anyway, what I am trying to say is that it was an important process regardless and one I didn’t appreciate until last week, when we finally prepared a room for James. Due to family coming to stay and Willow sleeping in the cot and various other factors, while I was pregnant with James we decided he would sleep in the moses basket and we’d move him into the nursery once Willow was old enough for a big bed. I didn’t think much of it at the time, I was so busy with my toddler and my business I just didn’t process it.

But last week, when I stood in the room that we had now dedicated to our son I felt incredibly emotional. It finally felt like he had arrived. Like we had a son and he’s a part of our family. A tiny, beautiful precious little son who’s arrival I hadn’t properly prepared for, or thought much about, until now. I cried a little, feeling I had missed the opportunity of ‘anticipating’ his arrival and I felt guilty. Obviously, comes with the territory. But ultimately I feel blessed. What a precious little surprise he has turned out to be.

— Emily

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catching up

My, am I glad to be back! All my previous ‘confessions’ have gone, sadly. But I have had to make peace and decided to carry on anyway. The last time I wrote a ‘confessions’ James was just a wee thing that did nothing more than eat and sleep. Now he is much more of a feature in our lives… he is still a wee thing, but he does a lot less sleeping. Seriously, he survives on 15 minute cat naps throughout the day, which give me just enough time to put him down, tuck him in and put on the kettle. Then he’s awake again, balling into the monitor, outraged that I had the audacity to put him down for more than a second. I am now a one armed expert, doing everything from hanging out the washing to typing this blog post, with a tiny little bundle curled up in one arm.

He has developed into a smiley little babe. He has also developed, at one stage or another, colic, reflux, thrush and a constant blocked up nose. He is on specialised formula, sleeps on a special pillow and has special drops for his little nose… our medicine cabinet has never seen such an array of herbal remedies. But all that aside he is a treasure and we love having him in our little family.

Willow continues to delight and entertain. She is now sleeping in a big bed. Much to her joy. If anyone has any tips on how to keep her there I would be most grateful. At night she is great, because Daddy is home and when he puts her down she’s willing enough to oblige, however her afternoon nap is another story. I’m generally working, or dealing with James and entirely unenthusiastic for the drama that goes with hauling her upstairs and tucking her in 150 times. So since she’s been in the big bed she hasn’t napped… and I’m not ready to forgo the nap, not just yet. It’s all that keeps me sane…

— Emily

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