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Adventure Boot Camp – the journey begins

I have long been feeling the need for some kind of kick up the ass when it comes to exercise.  I was always a faithful gym member, but having two babies very close together meant I could hardly get out the house, let alone to gym. I started to lose motivation, along with my self-esteem (and my gym membership, sob).

I recently shook off the lethargy and started running. But I wanted some kind of resistance training to go along with it. Something to help tone up this mummy-tummy that just won’t budge.

So, when Adventure Boot Camp (ABC) approached us about doing a month of boot camp it was like a message sent from above. GET YOUR BUTT INTO GEAR, it said. Loud and clear. So here we go!

We started at the beginning of August at a local school with an average of about 12 other women. 6pm sharp come rain or shine. Luckily so far it’s been uncharacteristically balmy winter evenings and each session has been a pleasure.


The exercises focus on resistance training and cardio. Short bursts of activity that end before you can get bored, forcing you onto the next thing. The hour literally flies and I have never felt that way about exercise before. We even played a short stint of netball the other night. Enormous fun.

If you are looking for the proverbial kick up the ass when it comes to exercise this is the perfect shake up. It’s something different, you meet new people, get outside and get active.

Plus, supper and the glass of wine afterwards never tasted so good!

Check out their website here to find one near you.

— Emily


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