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best of beauty, plus a chance to win! – closed

Congrats to Kelly Brook for winning! 

Have you got your November issue of Fair Lady yet? In it you’ll find all the winners of the Best of Beauty Awards 2013. It’s a careful curation of the top beauty products from mascara to moisturiser, lipstick to sun care, making it easier for you when trying to decide what to use. The judging panel was made up of Jo-Ann Strauss, make-up artist Melissa van Zyl, dermatologist Dr Whitaker, director of Carlton Hair David Gillson, our favourite beauty blogger, Candice Lee Kannemeyer, as well as Fair Lady’s Editor Suzy Brokensha and Junior Beauty Ed, Kelli Clifton.

best of beauty

We’d suggest getting a copy of the November issue asap, because there’s the opportunity to win every single product in the Best of Beauty Awards, worth about R46 000!

Also, you can win with us today as Fair Lady are giving one of our lucky readers a free six-month digital subscription. All you need to do to enter is tell us which product in the list (click through) you absolutely cannot live without, just by leaving a comment. Easy as that.

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— Liza


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lashes, lips, luminosity…

These are the three words that Chris Williams swears by – he’s the regional make-up artist for Estèe Lauder so he knows a thing or two. I learnt this, and lots more, last Friday afternoon, when I rushed from the mad deadlines at Edgars Club Man to the calm, peaceful Garden Room at the Mount Nelson Hotel to attend a make-up workshop hosted by Estèe Lauder.

estee lauder

The Garden Room was filled with beautiful lilies (my favourite)!

estee lauder

estee lauder

Chris and his colleague dished out a ton of tips for us…

  • If you don’t wear lipstick but love gloss and want a lipstick finish, use your lip pencil to fill in your whole lip and add a touch of gloss over
  • Wash all your make-up brushes once a week! (I am so guilty of leaving my brushes for weeks without washing, guess what I did as soon as I got home?)
  • To ensure no shine throughout the day, use Double Wear Foundation and Double Wear Loose Powder
  • If you have dryer skin, add three drops of Advanced Night Repair to your foundation
  • If you don’t have a brow pencil, and feel like it’s too big an expense, just use your eyeshadow – it’s softer and less artificial
  • Always finish your face with a dusting of Double Wear Powder or Invisible Powder – especially if you know your photo will be taken – this ensures you avoid the ‘ghost’ look in pictures
  • Your brows are sisters, not twins.
  • Your basic products to achieve the lashes, lips and luminosity effect are BB Cream, Lip Lacquer, Lipgloss and Mascara.

Have a beautiful Friday!

— Liza


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beauty sleep

Babies are cute, and our boys are no exception, but these precious little sleep-sucking bundles are not so cute at 1am, and again at 2am, 2.30am, 4am… you get the picture. Coupled with that, Emily and I had a few months of little, if not no work, after we had our babies. This happens when you work for yourself. All the momentum you gained gets swept from under your feet in an instant. We did anticipate it, but the ‘Don’t Know What You’ve Got Till It’s Gone’ mantra really rang true. So the stress of no work also meant no sleep. Then, after a pep talk from my hubby who has patiently guided and helped us through all our years of freelancing, we started to get back into the swing of things. Now, we have so much work we don’t know what to do with ourselves. Literally. So we’ve been working late every night and weekend for the past, say, six weeks now? Needless to say, we aren’t getting much sleep. At. All.


Imagine our delight when Estée Lauder delivered their new and improved Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II last week. Recent studies conducted by Estée Lauder have proven that lack of sleep has a definite effect on ageing your skin. Looking in the mirror lately, and noticing fine lines and my sad, sallow complexion, I completely agree. This revolutionary serum does a number of wonderful things while you sleep – it promotes natural nighttime purification helping to remove cellular debris which accelerates ageing and it synchronises skin to ensure that cellular repair happens at the right time.

I’ll be using this every night from tonight and will report back on the results.

To buy your beauty sleep in a bottle, shop online at Estée Lauder.

— Liza


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the beauty queen

Lynette Botha is ELLE magazine’s Beauty Editor, as well as a freelance writer. Her two daughters are the same age as Emily’s two and they were both pregnant at the same time, twice. Chloe is 21 months and Coco is 4 months. Lynette is also step-mom to 19-year-old Connor. Her husband Luke works as a Sales and Marketing manager in food imports and they both dream of selling everything and moving to The Seychelles.

Here Lynette gives us a little insight into her own brand of chaos!


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— Emily

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the wonder of eyeliner

Eyeliner is the perfect way to subtly enhance your eye shape or give definition with dramatic effect.

There are so many different looks you can create that can completely change your appearance just by adjusting position and thickness.


Find the style that suits you the most…

A soft pencil that produces a sultry smoky look as it’s easy to smudge and work. It has a fat head and creates a thick line. Kohl is the perfect liner to instantly transform your look and take you from the office to drinks. It’s great to use in your water line because it glides on easily which is perfect for delicate areas. If you are nervous about liner this is the best to use, as a perfect line is not required. Once you have kohled eyes take an ear bud and gently blend the imperfections. Keep in a cool place as it tends to lose formation if it gets too hot. Also be careful when sharpening – do it gently so you don’t break the soft tip.

These inky liners create precise and bold lines – the most popular look that women want to create. Using them is tricky, once drawn on the liner stays put so it’s best to first practise with a pencil and once you’re comfortable with the shape that suits you, advance to liquid. When using liquid liners, keep it on the top lash line to completely open up the eyes.

A  fluid formulation in a pen which has a soft felt tip that produces the colour. If you have a steady hand, this is fantastic to use. When not in use, keep the lid on the pen as it tends to dry out.

A caked powder that is easy to work with. When applying, use a slanted brush that is tiny and firm. It’s best used for the natural look as it’s light and tends to fade.

Different Tones:

Black contrasts with the whites of the eye creating a striking, intense look.
Dark brown is fantastic for brown and blue eyes, to make those colours pop.
Navy blue makes eyes sparkle like jewels.
Emerald green is great for hazel eyes but does nothing for blue eyes.
Purple in lighter shades like lilac works nicely with pale colour eyes; darker hues look better on darker eyes.
Cream makes eyes bigger and brighter.

Best Places to Shop:

  • MAC

Enjoy playing and picking whichever suits your mood.

— Liza


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DIY beauty tricks

I’m a firm believer in natural beauty remedies and it delights me even more when I can just go into my kitchen and create my own products. Here are some great at home beauty ideas…

DIY beauty

If you’re suffering from a mild breakout or just need to decongest your skin, mix a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda with your cleanser. The soda helps to gently remove dead skin cells. Try this twice a week when washing your face in the evenings so your skin can have a chance to recover overnight. Don’t forget to moisturise.

To brighten dull, sallow skin, gently mash up three strawberries and mix with a bit of honey. Apply to your face as a mask and leave on for about 10-15 minutes. The natural fruit enzymes will help to dissolve dead skin cells while the honey will nourish your skin.

Body scrub
The concoction of olive oil, brown sugar and rolled oats with a few drops of your favourite essential oil is an absolute winner. It leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and moisturised. It’s messy, so it’s best to use it in the shower!

Mix together a cup of oats, two tbsp brown sugar, two tbsp olive oil and a few drops of your favourite essential oil (I use lavender for its gorgeous scent and calming effect).

Brighten your hair colour with tea! The tea lowers the ph levels and closes the cuticles making your hair soft and luscious. It also acts as a neutraliser. To make your hair colour more vibrant, soak two tea bags (chamomile for blondes, rooibos for red heads, Ceylon for brunettes) with two cups of water and pour the remedy over your hair after shampooing. Leave it to soak for a few minutes before rinsing.



— Liza


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