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black and white is always right

Emily and I were shopping the other day when we realised that after 24 years of friendship and shopping together, we’ve finally grown up. No longer do we rush to the rails hanging with the season’s latest trends and buy the exact same items regardless of whether they suit us or not. Instead, we headed in different directions and straight to the grown-up basics – the pieces that we know look good, that we’re going to wear for a few seasons, that will last.

We also noticed there wasn’t much colour going on. We’re stripping things away and investing in classic blacks, whites, creams and greys. Okay, whites and creams aren’t very kid friendly but we’re going to make an attempt of it. We’re sticking by our new mantra: you can never go wrong in black and white. It’s timeless.


1. Aldo pumps, R899. 2. Call it Spring clutch, R349. 3. Country Road skirt, R1 399. 4. Country Road silk shirt dress, R1 599. 5. Call it Spring pumps, R349.

— Liza


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