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andy warhol meets converse

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of stepping out to view the Converse All Star Andy Warhol collection – inspired by the pop art legend himself. Tuesday evenings for me usually involve curling up on the sofa and watching reruns of Project Runway, but this particular night I took my darling friend Adelaide off to Sportscene at Canal Walk for some visual inspiration.

We wandered through the store along a corridor of enormous blown-up and vibrantly coloured prints of the artist to where, nestled at the back, was a display of the new Chucks themselves. Four unique pairs of kicks in Warhol’s classic Campbell’s Soup print occupied everyone’s attention as the onlookers all held thumbs to be a winner of the treasure hunt so they could sneak home with a prized pair.

I’m the proud owner of two very well worn pairs of All Stars which have evolved into my standard uniform and everyday wear. With only 120 pairs in South Africa, I’m hoping I can get my hands on a pair of these limited edition beauties!

The collection is now available exclusively through selected Sportscene stores with prices ranging from R979.95 to R1049.95.

I Heart Your Outfit

— Holly


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