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morgan bay magic

Back to school today! I was chatting with a friend yesterday who said she’s dreading second term – all the driving, school lunches etc etc, and I said, I can’t wait for routine to set in again, I thrive on it. We’re all different!

How was your Easter break? Did you do anything fun, go anywhere exciting? We headed off to the wild coast to a small seaside town called Morgan Bay. We decided to do a road trip, breaking up the long drive with an overnight stay at Storms River Rest Camp. I’m notoriously not keen on camping, so of course the night we chose to camp was the night of the most torrential of rains. It was hell. Hubby loved it! Kids loved it! Me and sister-in-law… not so much! Besides the rain, Storms River Rest Camp is a spectacular campsite. Enormous, right on the sea and home to the famous suspension bridge. It really is beautiful.




Isn’t this the most beautiful beach?

When we finally arrived in Morgan Bay at hubby’s aunt and uncle’s home, it was then that I felt I could finally relax. They really spoilt us rotten, we were fed like royalty, the littles were doted over 24/7 and we got to spend quite a lot of time alone. Always a plus.

Every morning started with coffee and rusks in bed, reading my book (I finished it in a week, haven’t done that in a while). It was bliss to not have to get up and do the whole routine of dressing the littles, brushing their teeth and hair etc. Most days we went down to the beach (with a packed picnic by hubby’s aunt), caught fish in the rock pools and watched the littles run wild in the lagoon. We took them up to The Cliffs – famous for its sunsets – and didn’t stay too long because of the general height / little people / terrified parents combination. One morning we went to Double Mouth where we had the entire beach to ourselves the whole time. What utter bliss. We also went bike riding, beach walking and kayaking on the lagoon and took part in the 5km Family Fun Run – I ran it while hubby walked it with Robbie on his shoulders and Bailey by his side which required much encouragement, especially up the hills – not sure which was more exhausting for him!








We had a fabulous holiday and returned refreshed and well rested, and relieved the road trip was over!


— Liza


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