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sleep, glorious sleep

If there’s one thing I need to get better at, it’s going to bed at a reasonable hour and getting as much sleep as I can. Robbie is now sleeping (kinda) well, until about 3am when he wants a bottle, then he’s happy again until around 7am. I’m not sure how we are going to change this habit, but it’s infinitely better than what we’re used to, so we’re not complaining. We take turns getting up to give him the bottle – it’s just a matter of stumbling blindly to his room and handing it over, but this action rouses us from our deepest sleep. And often he’ll have been restless a few times before he’s really whining for the bottle. After all this, I never sleep well until the morning alarm goes off at 5.45am and we start our day. So, if I’m going to bed at 10pm and reading (and also checking phone) till around 11pm, that’s not much sleep I’m getting.


I’ve decided to set myself a challenge. I’ll do it for a whole week, after which I’ll report back on the results. I’m also going to use my FitBit to monitor my sleep patterns.

Sleep Challenge!

  • Be in bed by 9pm every night (hopefully I don’t have any major deadlines)
  • No screen time in bed (this includes phone, iPad, laptop)
  • Drink only chamomile tea (or other drinks that have a calming effect)
  • Read a good book!
  • Lights out by 10pm, at the latest

I know I don’t have to tell you about the benefits of sleep, so here’s hoping I can change my bad habits and start to look younger and feel healthier 🙂

— Liza


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