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we love kirsten goss

We were honoured to be invited to meet Kirsten Goss at her Bree Street store last week. Bubbly, warm and friendly and so completely passionate about what she does and where she is going, Kirsten is an inspirational being.

She gave us all a warm welcome and then told us a bit about her fabulous jewellery journey and how it has lead her all over the world, but eventually back to South Africa, where she is now based.

Her latest #getpersonal range is a real labour of love. Get personalised pieces in white, gold or rose gold. No machinery, just true, old fashioned, hand-crafted writing, with all the letters individually hand stamped by a keen-eyed designer.

Kirsten’s stories about the early days – trying to juggle being a new mum while building her dream company, hopping between London and SA, breast feeding and client meetings with a baby under the table were all hilarious and utterly relatable. Looking at what she has built and getting to experience first hand her irrepressible energy and joie de vivre was really refreshing.

Here’s to the success of many more gifted, South African mamas and business women.  Thank you Kirsten for showing us that it can be done (and with such style!)

Kirsten Goss 2

Liza and I listening intently!

Liza and I listening intently!

I am now the proud owner of a silver Pinny necklace with EMILY stamped on it. I haven’t taken it off since I got it. True love! Get yours here.

kirsten goss

There is currently a 50% winter clearance sale going on here so don’t miss out!

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Us with the lovely Emma Jane Harbour

Us with the lovely Emma Jane Harbour

— Emily


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