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prepping for summer with a paraffin pedi

It’s that time of the year when you slip your feet into sandals for the first time in months and think, yikes I need a pedicure. I had such a moment the other day so I went to L at beauty for an indulgent treat.

The paraffin pedi is extra moisturising and perfect for the beginning of sandal season.

You get the usual wash, buff and massage, then you dip your feet into a vat of hot paraffin. Sounds painful, but it’s so relaxing I almost instantly fell into a deep sleep. The paraffin dries and forms a waxy layer on the skin. Feet are then wrapped in plastic and booties to keep them toasty and left for a couple of minutes. The therapist pulls off the plastic and the wax just slides off with it, leaving your feet soft and ready for the world. Bliss!


It’s relaxing and indulgent and totally affordable. Lisa-Marie at L at Beauty in Diep River is offering a special for R220 until the end of October. Call to book on 021 712 4318.

— Emily


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