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winter skin savers

My skin is so sensitive, and sometimes I feel like I’m still dealing with issues I dealt with 20 years ago, now just including the new issues (fine lines, wrinkles!). Because of this I’m always weary to try new products on my face, but these amazing products I’ve been using recently have been great…

La Prairie Anti-Aging Rapid Response Booster and Foam Cleanser 

The Anti-Aging Rapid Response Booster is designed for both women and men. It’s a smooth, lightweight serum that is proven to reduce fine lines by 39% and deeper wrinkles by as much as 42%, within two weeks. The serum contains rare, powerful ingredients that not only plumps the skin, but helps to remove dead skin cells too. I’ve also found that this rich, creamy foam cleanser leaves my skin feeling sparkly clean and soft after use. Ultra luxurious!


Letibalm Nose and Lip Repair Balm

My lips always suffer when the seasons change, and even during winter when it’s really warm one day and cold and rainy the next. They get dry and cracked so quickly! This balm is so super moisturising that it stays on and creates a protective layer to keep my lips soft. The great thing is I can use it on my nose and the sensitive skin between my lips and nose too. I’m also using Letibalm Paediatric on Bailey, especially when she goes to bed at night and her little nose is blocked. It helps to keep her lips from drying out too badly. You can find Letibalm at Dis-Chem, Pick n Pay and leading pharmacies.


Africology Chamomile Body Balm

I love Africology so much, and this Chamomile Body Balm is just amazing. It’s a thick paste, perfect for those extra dry spots like heels and elbows but also beautifully nourishing for the whole body. You could add a bit to your hot bath before bedtime – the chamomile is the perfect calming aid to leave your body and mind feeling relaxed and restored.


Estee Lauder Resilience Lift Firming / Sculpting Eye Creme

I’ll admit, I haven’t been very good with taking care of the delicate skin around my eyes. Earlier this year, it was dry and flaky and the lines around my eyes were even more prominent. I had to do something pronto. I’ve used Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair with brilliant results, so I opted for their eye creme too. The Resilience Lift has dramatically improved the skin around my eyes. Every night before bed, I dot a little under and around my eyes and it’s made a visible difference!


— Liza


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