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missibaba’s new backpacks are just so rad

As a mama, it’s sometimes not practical to lug a big handbag around, especially when travelling with your littles or when you’re out for the day and need to pack a million supplies. It’s also not practical to use an ugly bag, because well, just because you’re a mama doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice on style.

That’s why we like the idea of Missibaba’s new Palermo Backseat Bitch Backpack collection. Not only are they practical but they’re good looking too. The backpacks feature five sets of magnets, making it easy to whip them open and closed in an instant. And they’re locally made – each bag requires six people’s crafty hands to create the final beautiful product.

We love this new collection! Buy them in the Missibaba store today 🙂

Backpack Scarlet Turq Snake. High

Backpack Green croc Ghecko Gold 1

Backpack Yellow croc scarlet Inside High

Back Pack Yellow Scarlet High

— Liza


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things to brighten up your winter

We’ve seen some beautiful things lately, some of which we’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on, others which we’re still coveting, but all of which we can guarantee will make any winter a happier time.

winter things

1. ghd‘s Birds of Paradise limited edition stylers (they just keep getting prettier!) 2. These Kenyan bags that Miss Moss is hoping to start selling on her blog, we say yes please 3. Missibaba‘s new Colour Block collection is oh-so-lust-worthy 4. I want these Jane Sews boots so bad I’m willing to eat nothing for a week to get them (school fees and bush holidays say no though) 5. Houdt‘s collection of iPhone covers are so super cool, we love ours! 6. Skinny laMinx‘s latest fabric offering, Paradise is Here, is inspired by the power of plants – totally and utterly exquisite 7. This neckpiece, from Pichulik‘s A/W 14 collection, has my name on it, I’m convinced.

— Liza


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