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Compliments of the season to you and yours. I hope it was a wonderful, relaxing and restful time with family and those you love most in the world. Mine was, and I am so grateful.

Back to work now however and our gorgeous holiday in Rooiels and Knysna is starting to recede in my memory as we focus on getting back in to work and my littles starting play school (eek!) and the big excitement of moving house on 1 February. A total dream come true! We’ve started collecting boxes and clearing out already – if anyone has tips on moving with littles, we’d be very grateful to hear your advice as the thought is as overwhelming as it is exciting. After this I am sure we will have some and I’ll be sure to store them up for a future post once the chaos has died down.

I have started my Pinterest board for the decor, of course, and one thing I am decided on is to have a house full of plants. This brilliant guide below has helped and inspired me, as I am helplessly watching my beloved split leaf philodendron wilt and die before my eyes (I’ve had it for years, but it suddenly doesn’t look well.. I moved it to a bigger pot and it’s not adjusting to the space. Anyone know how I can perk it up?)

Plants are the easiest and most affordable way of making a house feel like a home. Take a look at the below for some inspo (I have a major crush on the black and white rug too).



Please bear with over the next few weeks as I share our packing and moving journey with you. As a full-time working mother of two little ones I am sure it’s going to reveal some interesting sides to my character. Let’s hope they are positive ones!

— Emily


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