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inspiring spaces

Bringing ‘the outside in’ is a huge passion of mine. I am fascinated by how a plant can completely transform an otherwise uninspiring space. Especially when you are turning a house into a home on a tight budget.

This space, which I found on Hearth, masterfully utilises the light and energy of indoor plants. Softening edges and bringing depth. It’s a tiny space, but it doesn’t feel tiny. Granted it’s clearly a kid-free zone and could not be further from the space I currently live in, but I am still inspired!

Isn’t it lovely…









— Emily

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I haven’t joined in on the Nature in the Home series for a while. Things have been a bit crazy here – SO much work, teething baby, school holidays, family visiting from out of town.

So, this week’s theme is Simple. I have never bought myself tulips before, they are one of my favourite flowers (along with peonies, but I couldn’t bring myself to pay R150 for 5 peonies?!). The lavender was picked from our garden (v simple) and I like the simplicity of tulips – no thorns or extra leaves or fussy bits.


I’ve heard there are clever tricks to get the stalks to stand upright again after they’ve started to droop. Can anyone let me know what these are?

— Liza

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roses are blooming

I am no green fingers, but I’m almost certain that this time of year in the Southern Hemisphere is not really when roses start blooming. Anyway, my rose bush (my only one, I keep wanting more but pots are expensive and because we’re renting I don’t want to plant them in the garden) is sprouting gorgeous pink blooms, and I’m loving them. I’m taking it as my gift from mother nature. Roses in winter. How lovely.

Joining in with Littlegreenshed‘s Nature in the Home series – I missed doing these posts since the hacking incident so I’m happy to be back.



— Liza

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