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are you a sneakerhead?

Autumn is here, winter is coming… And that means a wardrobe update! This year it’s all about the sneaker for us. We still love our boots, but to be practical, as mamas who still want to look stylish, it’s sneakers all the way.

Last year Liza switched between a very old pair of pink Adidas trainers and an apple green pair of Reeboks, but this winter it’s time for an update. Emily’s just bought a pair of Supergas (see below) and she can’t believe it took her so long. They have barely left her feet since. She wears them with everything from jeans to office-style LBDs – basically her wardrobe has been revolutionised, in fact her entire ‘look’ on a day-to-day basis. Liza is still on the hunt!

What’s your favourite pair and how do you wear them?


Pics from Pinterest

— Liza


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