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the multitasker

The first time I met Kathryn Rossiter from the blog Becoming You was at a blogger get together where she boldly came up to me and introduced herself. Turns out we actually went to the same high school. I don’t remember this, but I also don’t remember some of the people in my own class, so no biggie. Then we bumped into each other many times after that, at many launches, getting to know each other a little more. Kathryn has three kids – Ben (6), Abi (3) and Becoming You (her blog, her baby!). She blogs to remind herself that she is more than ‘just someone’s mom’, which we can 100% identify with. Her husband, Brad, is Area Manager for Seattle Coffee Co and they met on a blind date! Kathryn loves God, chocolate, travelling, photography, blogging, good food, shabby chic interiors, beauty products, movies, wine, Amarula, spending time with her girlfriends and dancing to cheesy music. Here she shares her juggling act…


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— Liza

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