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Do you remember your Matric farewell? Mine was 20 years ago this year and I still remember the scratchy, uncomfortable velvet / lace navy dress that I wore. Back in high school, I wasn’t really a girly girl who loved dresses and make-up and all that. It was more of a chore for me to dress up for this fancy night out than anything else. But alas, I survived. Today, I love an opportunity to glam it up, especially seeing as my everyday attire consists mostly of jeans and tees (read: mom life).

When Skip sent us the email about their #PassOnTheMagic campaign, we couldn’t help but get excited. They want to make Matric farewell dreams come true for those young girls who perhaps can’t afford a beautiful dress for their special night. So they are once again partnering with local NGO The Princess Project to make this happen. Portia Gumede, brand building manager for Skip says: “Our priority is to care for your clothes and keep them looking beautiful. We understand the emotional attachment most women have to their clothes, and the memories evoked with certain garments. The Princess Project effectively takes a cocktail, Matric farewell or any other formal dress that was extremely sentimental to someone, and passes it on to a new person to create an equally special occasion – passing on the magic.”


This is where we come in… that’s you. And me. And any other woman who has some special dresses hanging in her wardrobe that could do with a few more twirls on the dance floor. If you’d like to get involved in this amazing campaign and donate your dresses, visit The Princess Project website here to find the nearest donation point for you. You can also drop off at collection points at the SABC offices in Auckland Park, Durban and Cape Town. Otherwise you can use Sendr to arrange collection by emailing info@sendr.co.za. The deadline is end of May. We’re definitely digging in our wardrobes for this worthy cause.

Stay up to date on the #PassOnTheMagic campaign by following Skip’s Facebook page and @SkipSouthAfrica on Twitter and Instagram.

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— Liza


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