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parenting through the pink phase

Right now my children optimise every gender stereotype known to toddlerdom.

Willow (3.5 years old) lives and breathes sparkly pink, princesses, unicorns and Barbie. Jimmy (2 and 2 months) is obsessed with cars, trucks and motorbikes, as well as head butting, dominating and body slamming any person smaller than him.

It’s not something Ryan or I ever encouraged (the bullying of babies obviously, but also the pink craze).

If I had my way W’s wardrobe would be made up of paired down separates in grey and neutral tones. There would be no sparkly Barbie shoes, or Barbie anything for that matter.

When she was tiny I dressed her in navy and grey, bold in the face of my mother’s disapproval. But since she’s been able to vocalise her preferences it’s been pink all the way. Initially I pushed back until one day my mum said, “Darling, just enjoy it. Soon she’ll be dressed from head-to-toe in black leather with studs in her nose and you’ll wish you had enjoyed these sweet days”.

With that image firmly in mind, I have decided to embrace the pink. Today she went to school in bright pink ‘Hello Kitty’ onesie pyjamas and I’m cool with it…

The fact that my son won’t wear long sleeves, despite rapidly dropping autumnal temperatures and a wardrobe of cute winter stuff, is another matter.

He rejects any attempt to insert his thrashing, writhing body into warm clothing of any kind. No form of bribery or coersion works and I’m wondering if I must resign myself to a snotty, shivering baby throughout winter? I could weep at the thought.

If there is a way of overcoming this aversion to jerseys I’d love to know. Any tips or advice most welcome. The pink however, I am resigned to. For now!

Yours in motherhood,

— Emily

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