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Meet Cole…

We have a new addition to the family. Cole Coetzee is our sweet, new staffie, who has doubled in size in the month since we collected him. He is a wriggly ball of crazy teeth, claws and soft puppy tummy.

He wakes me up at least five times a night and is harder to toilet train than my three-year-old son… He and Zula (our nine-year-old staffie) get on well thank goodness, although it did take a while. Zula is very gracious, bless her. They rough and tumble all day, and much of the night it sounds like.


The lovely people at Hills Pet Nutrition sent Cole a new bed. He is thrilled with it and Zula is quite pleased to have him out of hers… thank you Hills!


And I could hardly do a post on Cole without including Granny Zula. She’s a gem. So good to know that both of their health and nutrition, at these hugely different stages of life, are covered by an all-in-one diet as reliable as Hills.


— Emily


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