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salon 58 opening soiree

On Saturday we were thrilled to be among the 150 fashion insiders and media at the opening of Salon 58, Jackie Burger’s new venture.

The PJ Olivier Arts Centre in Stellenbosch, where Salon 58 has its offices, was the perfect setting for the event, which Jackie described as “a gathering of friends”.

“I have been planning this day for three years,” she said. “As everyone knows, I am an admirer of Coco Chanel, not just for her fashion but because she was a woman who was not afraid to take risks. Salon 58 is the expression of one of my dreams, to create ‘some place of magic’, as she once said, where we can kick off our shoes and connect while enjoying one of life’s ultimate pleasures, that of good company.”

We were treated to a fashion show featuring women who have each built a brand based on their originality and style, including Anet Pienaar Vosloo, Jena Dover, Jess van Wyk, Doreen de Waal, Pnina Fenster, Jenna Bruwer and Asanda Sizani. Also on display was the Salon 58 x Pichulik series of striking portraits shot by Kristin-Lee Moolman. The portraits of Anet Pienaar Vosloo, Jenna Bruwer, Doreen De Waal, Juanita Daniel, Jackie Burger, Mellissa Muringani and Lindiwe Suttle are mesmerising. Each wearing once-off earrings created by jewellery designer Katherine-Mary Pichulik.

The mesmerising Lindiwe Suttle opened the morning’s event with a moving rendition of La Vie en Rose accompanied by Stanislav Angelov on the accordion. It was a beautiful thing to behold and brought a tear to my eye. I was entranced.

Jackie’s long-time favourite designer, Elaine du Plessis, launched her new label Drotsky which we are particularly excited about. We have always been huge fans of Elaine (otherwise known as Olive) and her work and are so happy to see she is creating clothing again.

Also on show were a range of hand-woven scarves by designer Nicholas Coutts and hats by Joburg’s Simon and Mary. Milliner Dean Pozniak is currently working with Jackie to create a signature hat to be called the Jackie Burger, a process he calls “a labour of love”. Durban’s Dave de Witt contributed 12 pairs of Sk8 Shades sunglass frames made from reclaimed parquet flooring and skateboard material. Displayed alongside these were a selection of pure silk kimonos imported from Japan by Karen Ter Morshuizen that will form the basis for her new business set to launch soon. The kimonos precede WWII and have been woven and dyed by hand.

Jackie, who is known as a champion of new design talent, will showcase carefully selected items such as these at the salon where she will also host one-on-one tête-à-têtes (personal style consultations). Also on the calendar are seven soirees per year, each with its own theme and collaborators.

Salon 58 Launch-2

Salon 58 Launch-5

Salon 58 Launch-12

Salon 58 Launch-13

Salon 58 Launch-128

Salon 58 Launch-136

Salon 58 Launch-146

Salon 58 Launch-153

Salon 58 Launch-173


— Emily


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a very early birthday wish list

Well, my birthday is in March so it’s not thaaaat far off 😉


1. Zana Swiss Cross pouch 2. Simon and Mary wool felt hat 3. Dear Rae three edge yellow gold band 4. Jane Sews Mila sandals 5. Momo Jumps Bag of Paradise in turquoise suede

The great thing about this wish list is that all these beautiful products are local!

— Liza


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