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love the skin you’re in

I recently attended a breakfast hosted by Dove – we spent the morning talking about how us women feel about our personal beauty and our bodies… not something I usually enjoy (after two kids there is much to criticise), but after some introspection and positive, uplifting conversation, I left feeling good about myself with a determination to stop speaking negatively about all my flaws (still working on this), and to bring up my daughter and show her how to love and appreciate her body and her beauty. We had our pictures taken too, and instead of moaning about this one, I’m going to try and like it!

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It’s a universal thing, this issue of us not appreciating our beauty. Dove’s latest study, which surveyed about 6 400 women in different countries around the world, found that only 4% consider themselves beautiful. It also found that almost a third of women globally admit that their greatest source of beauty pressure is the pressure they put on themselves. Dove’s marketing manager, Kate Swan, says, ‘Dove believes every woman has the potential to look and feel her best. We feel the most beautiful women are not necessarily those born with the most, but those that make the most of what they have with simple everyday care.’

At the breakfast we were also treated to a presentation by life coach Jacqui O’Bree, who made us do these five tips to help us realise how beautiful we are. You should try it!

1. Focus on your beauty 

  • Write down five aspects of your body and face that are beautiful
  • Don’t stop until you find at least five things
  • Share these five aspects with a friend, partner or colleague
  • Fully appreciate these five aspects and love your body from head to toe

2. Identify your uniqueness 

  • What about you makes you stand out
  • Ask a friend, partner or colleague, ‘What makes me unique?’
  • Write down what she/he says, keep it in your pocket, stick it on your bathroom mirror and read it every day
  • Silence your inner critic
  • Accept compliments without judgement
  • Celebrate your own unique beauty

3. Admire your inner beauty  

  • Consider your inner beauty
  • What do you think your best friend admires about you?
  • What qualities and characteristics do you admire about yourself and are you most proud of?
  • Write down at least five qualities and characteristics you are proud of
  • Your inner beauty and strength is reflected to those around you
  • Get in touch with what makes you beautiful inside and remind yourself of those qualities
  • Realise your full beauty potential

 4. Change the way you speak about yourself

  • Words have incredible power in our lives
  • Stop criticising yourself
  • Change the words you use to describe yourself to change how you think, feel and how you live.

5. Realise how beautiful you really are

  • Move on and forgive yourself
  • Let go of the memories, the pain and regrets that are holding you back from seeing how beautiful you really are
  • Be a kind and supportive friend to yourself
  • Treat yourself with compassion, understanding, love and support
  • Realise that you really are beautiful

Visit Dove’s Facebook page to join in the conversation, and view their digital films here.

Thanks Dove for an inspiring morning!

— Liza


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