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gotta get some culottes

Culottes may not be the easiest thing in the world to pull off, but they’re actually more flattering than you give them credit for. You’d think because they are billowy and wide that they’re going to create the same effect on your body, but the high waist and the way they fit when you put them on (almost like a midi skirt), actually streamline your look.

Dressed up in heels and a crop top (a little leg lengthening goes a long way) or down in trainers and a boxy t-shirt, you can’t go wrong in culottes. We’re certainly giving them a go this autumn.

I Heart Your Outfit

These perfect culottes are by Drotsky, the new collection from Elaine du Plessis which we had the pleasure of viewing at the Salon 58 launch this past weekend (more on that soon!)

I Heart Your Outfit

Vintage beauties that were for sale in our vintage shop but then Emily stole them and fell in love…

I Heart Your Outfit

Beauties from Country Road


I Heart Your Outfit

More deliciousness from Country Road


I Heart Your Outfit

If you’re feeling ultra brave!


Credits: Woolworths, We Wore What

— Liza


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